About Us

Colt Recycling proudly holds over four decades of industry expertise, rooted in a corporate ethos driven by integrity, quality, and unwavering client satisfaction. Operating from strategic locations in Merrimack, NH, Hudson, NH, and Hickory, NC, our state-of-the-art facilities are meticulously designed not only to champion environmental safety but also to prioritize the well-being of our dedicated personnel.

At the heart of our operations lies a specialized focus on Electronic Scrap (E-Scrap), where our cutting-edge processing systems meticulously dismantle electronic components. Our custom-designed shred and separation equipment ensures a refined process, producing by-products that serve as invaluable raw material feedstock for various mills and smelters.

Yet, our offerings extend beyond recycling—Colt stands as a comprehensive solution provider with robust asset recovery and ITAD services. Through serialized audits, meticulous inventory management, rigorous testing, and strategic remarketing strategies, we ensure that every piece of received equipment is managed with precision and care.

Security is our paramount concern, fortified by a comprehensive system of keycard access controls, high-resolution surveillance cameras, metal detection scanners, and a dedicated security staff, guaranteeing the utmost safety of our customers' materials.

Colt's service spectrum, spanning recycling, destruction, and ITAD, is underpinned by unparalleled flexibility, meticulous attention to detail, and an unwavering commitment to delivering top-notch service. Trusted by leading industrial companies, including numerous Fortune 500 entities, Colt Recycling is adept at processing a diverse range of materials containing precious metals, such as gold, silver, platinum, palladium, rhodium, iridium, and copper.

We recognize our responsibility to protect our customers' materials throughout the recycling process, allowing them to focus more on their business needs and less on recycling concerns.

Thank you for considering Colt Recycling—we look forward to meeting your immediate needs and building a lasting partnership for the future.

Company Timeline


Harvey J. Gottlieb establishes Colt Refining, Inc. in Bethany, CT

Colt expands operations servicing Circuit Board Mfg along East Coast USA

Colt Refining acquires Electronics Processing Associates, Inc.

Colt Refining builds a new 55,000 sqft refinery in Merrimack, NH, USA.

Colt Refining acquires TRI, rebranding its electronics recycling and asset remarketing division Colt Recycling.

Colt Recycling Acquires Waste Management of Schenectady, NY, USA.

Colt Recycling increases capacity to 20M lbs in Hudson, NH, USA.

Colt Recycling acquires Hickory, NC, USA facility, rebranding it Colt Recycling Southeast.

Colt Refining sells Colt Recycling and Colt Recycling Southeast to Elemental Holdings Group.

Meet the Team

The leadership team at Colt Recycling exemplifies a strategic and forward-thinking approach to electronic waste management. Headed by experienced industry leaders, the team combines expertise in environmental sustainability, technology, and business management. Their visionary leadership guides Colt Recycling in navigating the complexities of electronic waste recycling, ensuring a commitment to innovation, compliance, and a sustainable future for the company and its clients.

Global Operations

Jim Maher - CEO

Jim Maher

President & CEO




Peter Muscanelli

Sustainability Manager

Jeff DeGarmo

Jeff DeGarmo

Senior Buyer

Rob Layman

Rob Layman

VP of Sales



Marilyn Donovan

Mal Donovan

Human Resources

Jim Maher (III)

Jim Maher III

Innovation & Business Development


Heath Carder

Heath Carder

Sr. Operations Manager


Rabecca Hemond

Sr. QEHS & Compliance Manager 


Vin Florek

Vincent Florek

Resale Manager

Regional Operations - New Hampshire

Donna Mitchell

Donna Mitchell

Director of Northeast Resources

Josh Hemond - Sales Rep

Josh Hemond

Sales Representative/ Social Media Manager

Jodi Mitchell

Jodi Morris

Operations Manager

Regional Operations - North Carolina


Dan Frisbee

Sr. Operations Manager

Arnold Roberson

Arnold Roberson

Production Manager 

Michelle Mitchell

Michele West

Office Manager, QEHS/Compliance Rep

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