Nonferrous Metals Recycling

Using the latest in recycling technology, Colt is able to process up to 10MM pounds per year, per facility, of difficult to recycle non-ferrous metal materials including:

  • #1 and #2 ICW cables
  • Aluminum-Copper Radiators
  • Recovered Shredder Wire
  • Christmas tree lights
  • Insulated Aluminum Cables
  • Zorba Fines, URD Cables, Wire Harnesses

This turnkey system utilizes an advanced size reduction and separation system that will granulate materials to <2 mm in size, separating the wire and cable insulation, and finally diverting the streams to produce mill-ready products. The basic premise of this system includes high-torque shredding of input materials, multiple-stages of granulation and further size reduction, and finally using a mixture of magnetic and mechanical separation machines.

The byproducts of this system include nonferrous metals (copper or aluminum), ferrous scrap and plastic.

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