Disaster Recovery


Recent history has shown a large increase in natural environmental disasters, leaving a destructive path in their wake. Colt Recycling is ready to assist you in getting your business operational in a timely manner in the unfortunate circumstances of operating in the path of a tornado, hurricane, or other natural disaster.  Colt can be integrated into your Business' Continuity plan by assisting your team with all forms of materials reclamation during a recovery environment. We can ensure your data is safely destroyed, all hardware is properly recycled, and provide onsite coordination service during this time.

We will work with your team and preferred vendors to get your recyclables sorted and handled to satisfy your IP, data, client information and destruction requirements.

Our team has processed IT and electronics equipment from recovered from a broad range of natural disaster environments.  We can be onsite to help minimize the impact of any disaster and can assist to recycle beyond electronics, but other recyclables generated as a result of relief operations.

Colt will save you time and resources by allowing your team to focus on other business needs. Please call us to set up a complimentary audit of your facilities.

  • Onsite Disaster Project Management
  • Recycling Electronics
  • Rubble and mixed recyclables management
  • Destruction of data
  • Asset Identification / disposition
  • Load coordination
  • Transportation Services
  • Shredding of damaged goods
  • Reporting /Certificates of destruction and recycling
  • Onsite planning with your team
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