Industries Served

Specialty Chemical and Catalyst

Specialty Chemical & Catalyst

"Some of the largest chemical and catalyst manufactures in the world meet and exceed their expectations by using Colt to recover precious metals from their manufacturing byproducts such as Flakes, Powders, Ceramic Catalyst, Filters, Sludge, Discarded PPE & Various Waste Containers."



"Colt has been servicing the electroplating industry for over 30 years! Our customers trust in our process to recover precious metals from gold plated substrates such as circuit board trim, copper based terminal scrap & connectors. Other waste items from electroplaters include cyanide solutions, filters, sludge & resins."

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Semiconductor & Electronics

"Leading suppliers of semiconductors, high-tech applications & telecom experience customized services dedicated to the highest of standards to achieve the best recovery of metal. Items such as Targets, Shield Kits, Flake & Sandblast, Plated Parts & Connectors, Hybrid Microelectronics, Chips & IC's all come to Colt to experience our best practices!"


Medical & Defense Contractors

"Colt's ITAR registration enables us to certify the secure handling & destruction of sensitive information and products to meet any compliance requirement."


Jewelry & Fabricated Metal

"At Colt, we strive to build long lasting relationships with our customers. Our business strategy is dedicated to customer service and retention. Some of the largest Jewelry manufacturers and fabricated metal suppliers send their polishings, sweeps, solid scrap, filters, dust & sludge to Colt for the highest of recovery rates!"

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