Refining – How It Works


1. Requirements & Consult

As a Colt Refining customer you will have a dedicated sales representative as your one-point of contact. There are many process options to choose from at our refinery and our staff will help communicate those to you and gather the necessary information in order to provide the best recycling solution to fit your business needs.

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2. Transport & Process Plan

Our logistics staff will assist in arranging the freight for your materials to arrive at our plant. Upon arrival your shipment is inspected and an appropriate refining process is determined. All documentation, special instructions and sampling requirements are recorded into our ERP system.


3. Production & Sampling

Our refining facility was built from the ground up! It is designed specifically to meet and exceed your expectations. Our diverse operations include Thermal Reduction, Milling, Sifting, Induction Melting, Blending, Shred & Sampling as well as Chemical Processing. Each process will prepare your materials to a uniform and homogeneous form resulting in the best possible state for sampling. All weights are tracked and recorded in our computer system along with pictures of the incoming materials.

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4. Laboratory Analysis

Once the homogenous and representative samples have been drawn from your materials they are sent to our in-house lab where we perform a variety of techniques to accurately determine the total precious metal content. Our experienced technicians will perform industry standard analysis using Fire Assay, XRF and/or Wet Chemical Analysis methods. They also perform other services including Moisture Calculations, Gravimetric and Volumetric measurements.


5. Final Settlement

Final settlement is based on our in-house analysis and/or an exchange of assays. Your dedicated sales representative will provide a report to you detailing the content and terms based on the initial proposal. A variety of settlement options are available to complete the transaction: Checks, Wire Transfers, ACH, Pool Transfers and Physical Metal Returns.

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